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Home Birth Consensus Summit
October 20-22, 2011
Airlee Center, Warrenton VA

The Summit will convene a multidisciplinary group of key stakeholders to discuss improved integration of service across birth sites for all women and families in the United States. Strong multidisciplinary representation is critical to the success of this endeavor, and leaders from maternity care and consumer sectors have been actively engaged in planning this meeting. This summit will follow the Future Search Network meeting model to address the divergence between stakeholder groups related to planned home birth. Future Search is internationally known for brokering lasting agreements and shared initiatives in highly volatile and polarized settings, around a variety of issues related to poverty, health care access, regional and ethnic conflict, and education.

The Steering Committee includes Presidents, Executive Vice Presidents, Board members, and leaders from ACNM, ACOG, MANA, NACPM, Lamaze, Our Bodies Ourselves, AWHONN, ICTC, and AAP. Members from APHA, Childbirth Connection, the White Ribbon Alliance, and AAFP, and many key consumer advocates, as well as consumer representatives will be delegates. The President of FIGO, Jane Sandall from the UK, and a researcher from the Netherlands will be delegates, as well as key policy makers. All invited delegates have been selected for their authority, expertise, resources, information, or need.

The initial planning meeting for this summit identified 9 stakeholder groups:

  • Home Birth Consumers and Potential Consumers
  • Consumer Advocates (including doulas, childbirth educators, women’s health care activists)
  • Home birth Midwives (CNM, CPM, LM, Amish, Traditional,etc)
  • Maternal-Child Health Collaborating Providers (pediatrics, L&D nursing, neonatal nurses and physicians, CNMs who receive referrals)
  • Obstetricians and Family Practice Obstetrics
  • Health Care Models, Systems, and Administrators
  • Payors and Liability Insurers
  • Health Policy, Legislators, Regulators, and Ethicists
  • Public Health, Research, and Education

We now have confirmed 68 delegates who are leaders in all of these groups.

You can visit the website www.homebirthsummit.org to get more detailed information about specific delegates and the Future Search process.




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