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2013-2014 NACPM Board Members

Ellie Daniels    Jamie A. Eidsath    Illysa Rene Foster    Kaye Kanne   
Tanya Khemet    Audrey Levine    Autumn Vergo

Illysa FosterIllysa Rene Foster, M.Ed., CPM
Austin, TX

NACPM is the only national professional organization solely dedicated to the interests of certified professional midwives and the women we serve. In my area of the country, few midwives are involved with NACPM or understand its role. I would like to help connect midwives in my region with their professional organization and assist them in having a national voice. I think that NACPM can help Texas midwives and midwives from other southwestern states build a united identity, organize and advocate both for themselves and for childbearing women and their families. If elected to the board, I would like to assist NACPM in upholding ethical and educational standards in the profession that reflect midwives’ deep commitment to quality maternity care and promote the CPM credential as the standard profession for maternity care.

I am a home birth midwife in Austin. I am co-author of Professional Ethics in Midwifery Practice (Jones & Bartlett, 2011), a practical guide to ethics for midwives. I also developed an ethics model for midwives that reflects the Midwives Model of Care and I lecture at local, state and national conferences on midwifery ethics. I am currently studying perinatal psychology, while training to become a licensed psychotherapist for women in the childbearing years. My background includes ten years in higher education, instructing undergraduates in the field of psychology.

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