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2013-2014 NACPM Board Members

Ellie Daniels   Jamie A. Eidsath    Illysa Rene Foster    Kaye Kanne   
Tanya Khemet    Audrey Levine    Autumn Vergo

Jamie EidsathJamie A. Eidsath, CPM
Ann Arbor, Michigan

My name is Jamie Eidsath. I am a midwife practicing with two partners at New Moon Midwifery in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I obtained my CPM in 2011 after apprenticing in the same practice and completing the PEP process. I have a bachelor’s degree in English from Wellesley College. I am a member of the Michigan Midwives Association, MANA, and NACPM.

A strength I would bring to NACPM is the ability to communicate effectively. One of the things I do on the state level is to make phone calls to state legislators to make lobbying appointments for the coalition that seeks to license midwives in Michigan. I enjoy teamwork and am reliable at meeting deadlines and accomplishing what I commit to do.

I am running for the board of NACPM because I want to support its mission to expand access to midwifery care through policy work. Insurance coverage, especially Medicaid coverage, is often a deciding factor for families who want to work with CPMs. As a midwife practicing in an unlicensed state, I have an interest in how NACPM can support state licensure movements and how currently unlicensed states are influenced by national policy efforts.

I want to see women who want a physiologic birth to be able to find legal midwives in their communities and to be able to afford our services, regardless of family income. Many of the people we care for might never need to interact with another care provider for pregnancy and birth, but when a consultation or a transfer of care is necessary, we know that outcomes and satisfaction are better in communities where CPMs are able to collaborate with other health care providers.

I want to see people who aspire to be midwives to be able to find high quality education options in their states and to be able to access student loans and financial aid so that we can have midwives from a diverse array of backgrounds and life experiences. CPMs need to be part of mainstream health care if we want to reduce barriers to our services and our profession, and I look forward to helping NACPM work toward that goal.




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